I'm a web developer who loves to build sites using the Drupal CMS framework. Figuring out the right way to support the intersection of users, code, and content is often a challenge, and, dare I say it, fun.

My earlier work in the user experience design field has enabled me to collaborate successfully with information architects and user experience designers. I am able to speak their language, understand their artifacts, and address their concerns regarding the user experience of a public-facing website, regardless of how it has been built.

On the other hand, my more recent work as a Drupal developer and maintainer of well-built and not-so-well-built CMS systems has given me both insight into the process of architecting and building a CMS, along with challenges faced by clients or other website maintainers when they go to use the system that has been built for them.

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Working in Open Source

The Drupal content management platform is an open-source framework supported by a worldwide community of developers, designers, and community leaders who continue to make the code available for your use.

While there are no licensing fees associated with the framework itself, it is hoped that anyone who uses the software will contribute back in some way. For enterprise-level Drupal shops, this means contributing back modules that they have written for their high-profile clients (often with a sponsorship credit). As a freelancer/consultant, this means that I donate my time helping support other site builders, answering questions and documenting interesting techniques.

For my clients, this means that I am often engaged in researching new modules, filing bug reports, and searching for solutions by engaging with the community. I may serve as guide and interpreter, but having a website built in Drupal makes you part of a much larger community, in Chicago and beyond.

It's really a lot of fun. Please join me!

Drupal Association MemberI've been a member of the Drupal Association since 2010. The DA is a community-supported organization that provides support for funding, infrastructure, events, promotion and distribution.

I support Ashe Dryden's work on The Diverse Team and community diversification efforts via weekly contributions. She's "employed by the Internet" (aka the community) which is pretty cool!

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Supporting Local Initiatives

Member, Northside Community Federal Credit Union As a member of Northside Community Federal Credit Union, Lytical Design supports local economic development and community financial education.

Business Member, Local First Chicago As a member of Local First Chicago, Lytical Design supports thriving local communities and independently owned businesses.

Sponsor, 2014 Out of the Darkness Walk As someone surviving and thriving with a chronic mental illness, I'm proud to support AFSP's 2014 Out of the Darkness Chicagoland Community Walk.