April 2014 recap

I've been meaning to keep up with the blogging thing, but when work and life get in the way, what are you going to do? So, rather than write separate posts that are already a month behind, here's everything at once:


The first-ever Midwestern Regional Drupal Camp was held in Chicago at the end of March. I volunteered during the first two days of trainings and sessions, helping attendees navigate to lunch (in the awesome University Center cafeteria), and on Sunday I participated in the Drupal 8 sprint working on Twig conversions. The event venue was awesome, but next year we'll probably have more than 200 people and will need to find a larger space (and perhaps another midwestern city would like to host?). Much thanks to the organizers and sponsors for a great event!

Acquia Certification

If you're at all clued in to the Drupal community, you've heard of (or at least benefited from) Acquia. In addition to contributing modules, sponsoring camps, and offering training, they've recently announced their Acquia Certification Program. This isn't meant to be the end-all-and-be-all of Drupal certifications, just a way to demonstrate generally-accepted best practices (along with an internal tool for Acquia to vet their employees and partners). I chose to take the certification exam as a way to objectively demonstrate competence to potential clients. The exam was tough -- many of the backend Drupal and PHP details I still look up when I use them -- but I passed!

Pardot CRM

I usually stay away from non-Drupal projects, but a client needed some custom landing pages coded, and I had some time available, so I picked up the project. I was very impressed by Pardot as a modern lead-generation and tracking tool, great for the marketing folks but with all the tools needed to implement custom, responsive designs for PPC campaign landing pages. And I'm not easily impressed!