Cause Marketing Initiataive

It started out as a simple microsite where program details were explained and store representatives could enroll their stores in the program1. Soon after the program was launched, support was expanded into Canada2 with localized content in English and French3.

The US site evolved to a second phase, becoming a self-service tool where registrants4 could report sales of qualifying items5, and the corporate marketing manager could download reports6 as needed.



1. Webform submissions using email autoreply with custom field replacement for personalized messaging.
2. Using Drupal''s built-in multisites functionality and country-based subdomains.
3. Using Locale and Content Translation (core), with Internationalization and other i18n-support modules and settings.
4. Registrant information is stored in Profile (core). Existing registrants were imported via User Import, new registrants sign up as site users (no longer using webform). Auto-Assign Role and Email Registration also improve the registration process.
5. CCK (v3) and Automatic Nodetitles are used to create the Qualifying Sales report, while Workflow and Rules allow for "draft" and "submitted" states. The Print module with PDF creation was used so registrants could save their reports if needed.
6. Proflie CSV is used by the marketing manager to download user data and sync with the corporate database. Advanced User Management and User Registration Notification helped keep tabs on user activity. Views Bonus Pack and Views Custom Field were used to create a downloadable csv of all submitted reports for aggregated data reporting.

Additional functionality to customize menus and email messages and streamline the user registration process was provided by custom modules using hook_menu(), hook_form_alter(), and hook_user(), among others.